Eagle Ray Liveaboard Maldives


The Maldives is renowned throughout the world as a top class diving destination. Loved by visitors for its charming natural beauty, the islands are ringed by white sandy beaches leading to turquoise waters and reefs where marine life is rich and diverse. Mantas, sting rays, turtles, whale sharks, and various types of corals add vitality to the marine environment while multi-coloured fish enrich the unique diving experience. We provide divers an opportunity to experience the marvelous diving sites of the Maldives in our liveaboard Eagle Ray. If you are a novice diver or experienced in diving, we will offer enough activities to make your holiday in the Maldives a cherished experience. In addition to enjoying the breathtaking underwater beauty of the Maldives , we will also take you to inhabited islands where culture and tradition has thrived for centuries.

Technical Details:
Type: Live Aboard designed for convenience of Dive Travellers
Year Built : 2005(launching In August 2006)
Hull: Wooden, Double Deck
Length: 100 foot / 30 meters
Beam: 27 feet / 8.4 meters
Accommodation: Maximum 14 passengers
No of Cabins: 3 double, 4 twins (all cabins with en suites) Hot & Cold water, Air conditioning, Specious & luxurious 10ft x 12ft area carpeted room hosting with Mini Bar.
Main Saloon: Full Space Dinning Hall / Buffet Style, Lounge with Sofas, Full service Bar Entertainments: Hi-Fi, TV, VCR, DVD, Internet, Library and Table Games Engine: Yamaha Diesel Motor 280 BHP, Cruising Speed 10 knots / hrs
Electricity: 220 volts and 110 volts A/C, 12/24 volts DC
Diving: Medical Oxygen with required Accessories, Dan Oxygen Kit on the Dive Tender, Medical Lockers on Board, Air Compressor main unit type L&W 420 liters/min, 12 Tanks steel 92 cubic ft/15 liters, 18 Tanks Aluminum 82 cubic ft/12liters
Communication: VHF Radios/GPS Chart Plotter/Depth Sounder/Cell Phones/Small fiber speed launch 25 hp to visit Island
Crew On Board: 8-12 crews on board who have had over 8 to 10 years of Experience on field. Dive Master have over 15 years experience and willensure clients satisfaction with the Dives & overall operation of the "Eagle Ray Live Aboard"


The Dive Master Manik is taking over the entire dive operation of the live-aboard Eagle Ray. Manik is not just the dive Master, but he would be managing and directing the tour above and below the surface making sure that everyone gets the best experience and the best services he could offer.

Manik is a spiritually and avidly connected to nature, fish and creatures of the ocean.

Manik began his dive career in his 20's and continues to get pleasure from diving even today. He achieved his Open Water Certificate in 1985; gradually he certified his courses and worked his way up to Dive Masters Certification by 1989. For Manik diving is not just a profession, but he also has built a long term passion towards his job.

He has been in charge of continuous dive groups for the past 17 years, including six years of experience working on a foreign dive safari. Over the past 11 years Manik led in one of the best operated live-aboard in the Maldives which catered to divers from all over the world, most of the clients being Americans. Dive Master Manik is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled Dive Masters in the Maldives .
Dive Master Manik has made many thousands of dives in a wide variety of corners in Maldivian waters. Manik is very familiar with the dive sites and offers special care to a full spectrum of divers and assures the best and most out standing dives which one can experience in Maldivian waters.


ROUTE 1 (South Routine)

South Male'
Felidhe atoll
East extreme coast
Mulaku atoll
North male' atoll
South male' atoll
Felidhe atoll

Return back from south to north male' atoll, selecting different optional dive sites in range.

General comment: some pinnacle dives, for some relaxing dives which is for small fish and easy photography. Wreck dives, most of the dives are atoll tributary dives for bigger animals. Bigger animals flow with ocean current.

Reef feature are drop of walls, slope walls sandy corals patch atoll bed- soft coral over hangs, caves and as well hard coral.

ROUTE 2 (South Male' n ari Atoll and north male' atoll)

South male' atoll
Felidhe atoll
East extreame coast
West felidhe atoll
South ari atoll
West ari atoll
Mid ari atoll
Rasdhoo atoll
North male' atoll

General comment: On the south east coast more tributary channel dives. Outer reef wall dives. Most dive sites are inner atoll pinnacle sites, at west coast of ari atoll more outer reef drifts dives.

Reef features are : drop off, over hangs, slopes, soft coral caves, sea fans , hard and soft corals.

ROUTE 3 (North male', baa atoll n raa atoll)

North male' atoll
South baa atoll
Mid baa atoll
North baa atoll
North lhaviyani atoll
Mid & south lhaviyani atoll
North male' atoll

In general comment : more pinnacle dives , tributary atoll channel dives, outer reef, wall drift dives. Over hand and soft coral caves and wreck dives. Healthy hard and soft corals


Enjoy a truly fantastic holiday in the breathtaking beautiful Maldives aboard our luxurious live aboard Eagle Ray. The 100 feet vessel with a hospitable crew, with years of experience in serving divers and tourists, caters to your needs and ensure that you have a wonderful time in the Maldives.

Eagle Ray has 3 double cabins and 4 twin cabins accommodating a total of 14 guests. The spacious and luxurious cabins come with modern amenities such as hot and cold water, air-conditioning and mini-bar.

The tour is planned in advance, incorporating routes that will provide you one of the best diving experiences in the Maldives . We cruise through the atolls during the daylight and stopover at unique dive spots where our experienced dive instructors and dive masters lead you through the amazing beautiful underwater scenes.

After a dive you can relax in our comfortable lounge furnished with sofas or simply kill time under the sun on our sundeck. After a series of exciting dives you may replenish energy with the mouthwatering food prepared by our chefs.

The tour takes you through various atolls of the Maldives where, besides plenty of good dive spots, you will see the scenic beauty of the Maldives including islands with lush green vegetation ringed with white sandy beaches. We take you to such islands where you will experience the rich culture and diverse lifestyle of the hospitable natives of these islands.

By dusk we usually anchor near an island or sandbank where, unless there is a night dive, or a visit to an inhabited island, you could relax on Eagle Ray, under a starlit sky.