Fishing in Maldives

Fishing is the main source of income for the Maldivians for many years until recently. Fishing in the Maldivian waters can be an adventure difficult to forget. Maldivian seas are deep and the fish are abundant and diverse. Sailfish, giant trevally, grouper, marlin, huge tuna, wahoo, barracuda and jackfish are common and will probably be the fish you will be fighting in the Maldives.

The methods of fishing vary depending on the type of fish that you want to catch and the time of the day that you prefer. Trolling is a method used for big-game fishing. You will be trolling for sailfish, marlin, dogtooth tuna and Dorado.

Other popular method is reef casting but this technique is especially suited to Maldives reef fishing. The angler casts towards a coral reef over distances of at least 60m with poppers of 3oz or more, then reels in fast using a sturdy high-speed fixed spool reel. The main catch is the giant trevally, an extremely strong reef fish up to 80lbs. The trevally strike dramatically at the lure, then dives and swims zigzag, and the angler has to work hard to bring the fish in. Bluefin jack, rainbow runner, barracuda and grouper are also caught.

On the Black Pearl we do fishing on request, we have few rods and reels plus the traditional style hand lines. In most of the anchoring point our guest often chooses to fish at the back of the boat.