Booking Procedure

Our Booking Procedure is very simple! Once you have chosen one of the following booking methods, we will get back to you within 24 hours time with the availability of your desire resort / Live-aboard / City hotels or any Special package / Special offer and our utmost best rate for your holiday. Once you confirm the booking to us based on our offer, we will forward the confirmation slip along with the Invoice. Once you make the payment, we will forward you our payment received acknowledgment slip, for your reference.

Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation button on top of each page allows you to book quickly any Resort / Liveaboard / City Hotel listed in our Website. After selecting the type of your stay, you have to choose the arrival date and departure date. Once the details are filled it will request you for your Name, E-mail and whether it includes any other passengers and other required information. Once the request is sent, we would get back to you within 24 hours with a reply to your given e-mail address.

Book Now

Any Special offer / Special Packages / Any of Resort, City Hotel or Liveaboard has the "Book Now" option on the right side of the page just underneath all the property details and next to all likes or tweet option. Once you click the “Book Now” button, you will be followed to a page where you have to enter the other required informations. Upon completion of all required informations, click the send button below. Then you will be notified with our acknowledgment of “you would receive a reply within the next 24 hours to the given e-mail”.